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  • Springfield IL Wheel Alignment Professionals

    Does our vehicle pull to one side? Notice uneven wear on your tires? Unfortunately, poor wheel alignment could be the cause of these and other automotive problems. At AAA Automotive Services, we provide wheel alignment services for customers in Springfield Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we understand why safety is so important to customers in our local communities. Additionally, we’re here to offer years of industry experience when it comes to diagnosing and solving even the toughest car problems! 

  • What is wheel alignment service?

    Wheel alignment service is the adjustment of the suspension of your vehicle. While the name may suggest an adjustment of the individual tires, it more has to do with the alignment of the entire suspension system and how that affects the wheels making contact with the road. A poorly aligned vehicle can be more difficult to drive and even dangerous to yourself and other drivers on the road. Here are a few warning signs that your alignment might be off:

    • Uneven tread wear on tires
    • Vehicle pulls to one side when driving
    • The steering wheel doesn’t match the direction you’re driving
    • Steering wheel vibrates
  • Wheel Alignment Components

    The following are the components that wheel alignment professionals will look for when assessing your vehicle:

    • Camber – This refers to the inward or outward angle of the tires. Tires should rest vertically with no angle. Noticing positive or negative camber means you’ll need alignment service.
    • Toe – The toe refers to the angle of your tires when viewed from above. When the wheel is straight, the tires should rest straightforward. If the tires toe in or toe out, you’ll need them adjusted.
    • Caster – The angle of the caster is what balances the steering of the vehicle. This means that the chassis should be aligned on a centerline with no angle backward or forwards. 
  • Why Choose AAA for Wheel Alignment Services?

    When you trust the pros at AAA, you’re receiving service from qualified professionals with years of experience in the business. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure complete satisfaction with our services. Here are just a few reasons that people are going with AAA for tire alignment and other auto services:

    • Family-Owned & Operated
    • Over 100 Years’ Combined Experience
    • Brand New Wheel Alignment Machines
    • Friendly, Knowledgeable Techs
    • Flexible Scheduling
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