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  • Springfield IL’s Automotive Repair Experts

    We know the feeling when our cars don’t run the way we want them too. Frustrating, scary, and confusing are all words that describe these feelings. Luckily, you can always contact the local professionals at Car Guys Autoworks. Car Guys has been providing trusted auto services to those in Springfield Illinois for over a quarter of a century. With a team of trusted professionals and the experience to get it done right, expect nothing but the best when you bring your vehicle to us for all your repair needs. From major engine repairs to simple belt replacements, we’ll get you in fast and get you out even faster, so that you can be on your way. Contact our staff to schedule any of the following automotive services:

  • Auto A/C Repair

    Your car’s air conditioning system can be underappreciated – until it goes out, that is. That’s when you call Car Guys Autoworks for auto A/C repair and Auto heating repair. Our trained specialists can diagnose and solve even the toughest of problems of your vehicle’s comfort systems. Whether you need a simple recharge or there’s a leak in the line, we use a wealth of experience and the latest technology to provide lasting repairs that will keep your car comfy. We provide:

    • Auto A/C Service
    • Auto A/C Repair
    • Auto Heating
    • A/C Refrigerant Recharge
    • Compressor Repair 
    • Condenser Repairs
    • Evaporator Repairs
    • Leak Repair
    • Crack Repair
  • Brakes

    Hear a squealing when your stopping? This means it’s time to start thinking about new brakes or brake repairs. Car Guys Autoworks provides complete brake service from repair to installation. We repair all components and all types of braking systems for any make or model. We provide the following brake services:

    • Disc Brakes
    • Drum Brakes
    • Brake Pedals
    • Squeaking Brakes
    • Grinding Brakes
    • Brake Fluid Refill
    • Brake Repair
    • Brake Installation
    • Brake Master Cylinder Repair
    • Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)
  • Brake Warning Signs

    Bad brakes can be serious trouble for you and other drivers. Keep a look out for the following things to determine whether or not you need brake repair.

    • Grinding, squealing, or rattling when engaged
    • Brake pedal is spongy or acting strangely
    • Brakes don’t immediately engage when the pedal is pushed
    • Car takes longer to stop
    • Brake dash light has come on
    • ABS dash light has come on
  • Mufflers & Exhaust


    If possible, we are willing to repair your exhaust system as opposed to putting in a new system to save you money.

    Worried about waking your neighbors up at the crack of dawn because of a noisy vehicle? Don’t be – Rob of Car Guys Autoworks has over 40 years of industry experience when it comes to mufflers and performance exhaust systems for all makes and models. Rob and his team always try to repair the muffler or exhaust system first, before recommending a new part that could cost you several hundred dollars.

    The exhaust system of your vehicle features various components that help expel the emissions created by your engine. The muffler is the last stage of the exhaust system, which helps reduce the noise pollution created by reflecting the sound waves created by the engine. We provide repairs and installation of the following exhaust system components:

    • Exhaust Manifold
    • Oxygen (O2) Sensor
    • Catalytic Converter
    • Mid Pipe
    • Resonator
    • Muffler
    • Tail Pipe
    • Performance Exhaust System
    • Performance Muffler
  • Performance Muffler & Exhaust

    The muffler helps to reduce the noise emitted from your vehicle. While it does reduce the noise, it also creates factory backpressure in your exhaust system. Factory backpressure can be responsible for a loss in engine efficiency and decreased fuel efficiency. Car Guys Autoworks can solve these problems with a performance muffler and exhaust system – ask our expert techs how! 

  • Mufflers And Exhaust Systems Products

  • Shocks & Struts

    Shocks and struts are a vital part of vehicle suspension systems. However, many people know very little about these and what they do for their vehicle. Check out this quick overview of shocks and struts, and call our staff for the repairs you need.

  • Shock Absorbers

    Shock absorbers perform the function of cushioning the suspension from bumps in the road, changes to terrain, variations in speed, etc. However, contrary to popular belief, shock absorbers do not hold support the weight of the vehicle. They only serve to improve braking, handling, comfort, and keep tires planted on the road.

  • Struts

    On the other hand, struts act in many of the same ways as shock absorbers do. They include a shock absorber that helps to cushion the ride as well as improve handling and braking. However, a strut performs an extra function, which is to provide support for the weight of the vehicle and stability for the wheels.

  • Other Auto Services

    Other services that we provide may include the following. Please contact our staff for more details.

    • Tires
    • Exhaust
    • Mufflers
    • Suspension
    • Fuel Injection
    • Auto Electrical
    • Wheel Alignments
    • Belts & Hoses
    • Power Steering
    • More…